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Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel is the fairy tale princess who is best known for her fabulous long hair. She lived in a tower and had to let her braid down if she had any visitors. This Halloween, go beyond the basic princess costume by adding a super-long wig and tower.
Princess Mirror
Little girls can make their very own double-sided mirror fit for a princess! Encrusted with craft jewels, this lovely mirror makes a great addition to anyone's royal collection.
Craft Foam Tiara
Your little princess will love making her very own tiara. Covered in jewels, this headwear is reserved for royalty!
Funny Monster Costume
Your child will get more giggles than screams with this silly monster costume -- and it's fun to make using things your family probably already has lying around the house!
Bunny Costume
Who doesn’t love a cuddly bunny rabbit? Your child will be adorable and snuggly warm in this easy-to-make bunny costume, using a pink sweat outfit and some white fur.

Fairy Princess Costume
Kids can make their own fairy princess costume this Halloween with our easy to follow crafting guide! You can also find other great Halloween costume ideas on Kaboose.
Homemade Witch costume
This homemade witch costume is a classic Halloween costume that's also fun to make! Get the kids into the spirit of Halloween with this spooky girls' witch costume they can help create.
Royal throne costume
This is an excellent craft for trick or treaters who may be in wheelchairs - a royal throne costume. Kids can be the King or Queen for Halloween in this regal costume!
Magician Costume
This magician costume is a quick and easy Halloween kids' craft to assemble. Your top hat can also double as your treat bag!
Native American-style Costume for Babies
Celebrate an ancient heritage at Halloween with this Native American-inspired costume for babies and toddlers.
Fleur Delacour Costume
This Fleur Delacour costume will thrill the Harry Potter fans in your house. Make it as a Halloween costume or use it in dress-up activities all year.
Queen Fairy Costume
This queen fairy costume will make your little girl feel like a princess this Halloween. She even get to wear a homemade crown that she can make herself!

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