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Top 3 Things You Need to Learn About Blogging

There are hundreds and thousands of blog-related articles on the Web. A lot them teach how to blog differently and uniquely among others, and some even offer crazy Web tricks to get clicks and readers. They always reiterate that we should think outside the box, with a clear goal in mind, a specific target niche and market. These are good ideas and reading them repeatedly on the Web is helpful as well. But all these things can be simplified and summarized into three simple essentials.

Learn SEO
Whether you like it or not, if you really want to have a decent place in every leading search engine, you have to learn the basics of SEO. There are still bloggers who see no good about search engine optimization, but if you are into business and not just casual blogging, having at least the rudiments of it is an advantage. Nowadays, it really is hard to rank without knowledge of proper keyword research, sturdy link building network, and organized traffic management.

Improving Your Blogs Bounce Rate

Poor bounce rates on a website is one of the easiest ways to bleed pageviews and while sometimes you can’t help it when users leave your site after a quick read there are some “best practices” you can implements in your writing and throughout your sites structure to ensure your bounce rate doesn’t reach astronomical levels.

Keep in mind that there is no “guarantee” that your bounce rate will increase the moment you implement all of these tips, however if you continue to tweak your website following these simple guidelines you should see results over time.

1. Forgetting Internal Leaking

When you have a blog with thousands, hundreds or even just dozens of posts you need to promote those posts. The easiest way to promote your posts is by internally linking to them. When linking within my own articles I look for keywords that focus on the articles main points. For example if an article is about running shoes and I have an article on my site about a new high tech pair of Nike’s I make sure to link the word “running shoes” to my Nike article.

guaranteed good blogger

Blogging is not difficult. In fact, if you know something, and are prepared to write about it on a regular basis, in actuality, blogging is quite simple. Sure you can get lost for a lifetime in SEO and audience development and Web analytics and about 1,000 other moving parts — but when it comes down to it, successful bloggers write great content and adhere to several basic principles. This post assumes that your command of language is stellar and that your grammar skills are up to snuff. Once your “housekeeping” is in order, I recommend that every blog post you write have at least two of these three key elements. If you can incorporate all three, better yet! Your blog posts must… BE TIMELY. Unless you are already an established name on the Web with an impressively large email list, the majority of your traffic is going to come from search engines and social media. Case closed. Every niche will have its tried and true searches – and you should target these using free keyword tools. However, nothing lights up the social media sky than what is happening right now. Not yesterday, not an hour ago – this instant. Write about things that are in the news and tie your existing ideas into things that are current. For example, when the

Top 10 Tips to Optimize Google Places For Best Results

Before I start my today’s article, let me give you a brief introduction about Google Places. According to Google, Google Places is to create your free listing.When potential customers search Maps for local information, they’ll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products. It’s easy, free, and you don’t need a website of your own. It helps to grow your business online – especially if your business has a blog.  So, in my today’ article I am going to give you few tips on how to optimize Google Places. Lets start:

1. Get Verified : In order to get your Google Places listing on Google SERPs you need to verify your listing. Verification can be done through Phone SMS, Phone Call or through mail. If you select any of the method, Google will send you a pin code, you will have to enter the pin in your Google Places account. I recommend you the Phone SMS method as it is very quick and easy.

2. Build citations : Before you start listing your business on Google Places, I recommend to first build citations. When you put your business address and phone number in your listings Google searches for that address on other websites and if you have build a strong citations on web then Google will put your website on top. The rankings of Google places depends upon trust, to build trust citations are must. You can send out press releases to build strong citations.

3. Do not use your primary keyword in the business name : When you fill in the Google listing page, never use your primary keyword in the business/company name. Have a look

4. Use local phone number : While putting the phone number in Google listings, do not ever use a toll free number, in order to get high rankings in Google, always use a local phone number related to your address.

5. Use the same address and phone number in your website : It is recommend that you use the same address, pin code and phone number in the website contact page or any page in your website that you use in Google Places.

6. Reviews : Reviews are very important factor in Google Places rankings, it is must that you ask your clients to review your business on Google. Ask them to write a detailed review.  If they are already reading your blog, do not be bashful about asking people to share their experiences. The more good ratings you will get, the more good rankings you will get. Always remember that ask your clients to write a detailed review and the review should not be of 1-2 lines. Ask them to use your primary keyword in the review.

7. Images : Google places gives you options to add up to 10 images. There are few things to note before uploading the image:

The first image should be your logo with extension jpeg or png and size 290 x 290 pixels.
The name of the all the images you upload should be your primary and secondary keywords. So, if you 10 images, you can use upto 10 keywords.
Always remember that Google by default chooses the first uploaded image and displays it in Google SERPs, so I recommend to use your logo as first image.
8. Get star ratings on Google SERPs : It requires minimum of 5+ reviews for Google to display star ratings. So, get at least 5 reviews as quickly as possible so that Google shows up the star ratings.
9. Also get reviews from : It is highly recommend that you also get reviews from following 7 websites. Google also checks these websites while rankings Google Places listing.

City Search
Insider Pages
Service Magic
Angie‟s List
Judy‟s Book
10. Categories : While listing your business in Google Places never use keywords in the category. Always choose the best category that suits your business and never use keywords.

11. Get links from related places : Let me explain this point with an example. I give SEO Training in Chandigarh. When you search for this keyword on Google, you will see 4 websites listed that shows up Google star ratings or that have listed their business on Google Places, have a look

The website having 6 reviews i.e CreativeBloggingIdeas is mine and is on the 5th number. In order to get the fifth position what I did is, I opened the review page of the website above me and started getting links from the sites where he was getting.

Now, if you open review page of your competotor, at the bottom you will see a box titled “More about this place”. Now, in order to get top rank you must get links from those websites that appears in this box. I also did the same thing and within 2-3 weeks I have gained top 5th positing in Google for the keyword SEO Training in Chandigarh.

So, these were few Google Places Optimization tips you must follow in order to get good rankings.

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priyanka chopra hot Gallery Wallpapers
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sneha ullal stills
Sneha has been born and brought up in Muscat in the Persian Gulf, though her parents are of Indian origin. She caught the public's attention when she was in grade 8 school, when they noticed her uncanny resemblance to Miss World Aishwarya Rai. Then her mom and sister re-located to Bombay, & she started studying in MMK College. She got a phone call from


Genelia is all sugar and spice, purring in content, as her ‘meow’ quotient in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na has made her the cynosure of all eyes.

Genelia D’Souza, also known as Harini to close friends, was born on 5 August 1987 in England to a Mangalore Catholic family. Her parents are Jennifer and Neil. She has an older brother. She grew up in Mumbai.

Her school days were spent in Apostolic Carmel High School, Mumbai while she spent her college days at St.Andrews College to pursue a degree in management studies. She is known to be a state level athlete and a national level player.

Her claim to fame started with commercials like Parker pen with Amitabh Bacchan and Fair & Lovely with Krishnamachari Srikanth.

She is supposed to be dating Riteish Deshmukh.

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Mogudu movie review ,mogudu movie, mogudu trailer, mogudu hero, mogudu heroines, tapsi in mogudu, Mogudu in 2nd week of October

Ratings REVIEW:


mogudu Touted to be a complete family entertainer by its producer Nallamalupu Srinivas (Bujji), who quickly adds that even the mass audience can enjoy their movie, Mogudu is readying for release in the second week of October.  The Gopichand starrer is being directed by Krishna Vamsi.  Tapsee and Shraddha Das are the female leads.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad plays an important role.  Naresh and Roja are playing guest appearances.  Debutante Babu Shankar is the musician.

The film makers say that we are going to see a different Gopichand in Mogudu.  mogudu True to his style, Krishna Vamsi is crafting it as a family entertainer, driving home the theme that a good husband is someone who is responsible.

Krishna Vamsi hopes that Mogudu will outshine his previous family entertainers, Murari and Chandamama.


dead island
Dead Island was released earlier this month on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC to generally positive critical reception despite claims of sexism and corrupted PC files. The game--which has sold 2 million units to date--also spawned a novel offshoot. Now, Deep Silver's zombie universe will tell another story, but this one will be on the big screen. Shambling soon to a theater near you.Lionsgate today announced that it had optioned the rights from Deep Silver to create a film based on the Dead Island video game. The movie is in the very early stages of development, with no plot details yet revealed. However, Lionsgate did note that interest in the IP was sparked by the CGI trailer for the game that released in February. According to Lionsgate, the film will focus on "human emotion, family ties, and nonlinear storytelling."  Development of the Dead Island film will be led by The Mummy producer Sean Daniel and his

ipad 2

ipad 2
Just under one year ago, Apple shocked the computing world with a 9.7-inch touchscreen tablet that few truly expected. Some called the original Apple iPad a large-format iPhone. Others berated the name and made jokes that were not remotely funny. Now, 60,000 apps later (according to Apple, who counts every conceivable option) and just a few weeks after the first real Android 3.0 tablet contender hit the streets (Motorola Xoom), the iPad 2 has sauntered onto the playing field. Some expected pure gold: a tablet that runs as fast as a laptop and weighs less than a newspaper Yet, the reality with the iPad 2 is that Apple has taken an iterative approach. In many ways, the iPad 2 is a crowd pleaser because it does not rock the boat. At 241mm tall, 186mm wide, and 8.6mm thick, the iPad 2 is just a hair

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Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel is the fairy tale princess who is best known for her fabulous long hair. She lived in a tower and had to let her braid down if she had any visitors. This Halloween, go beyond the basic princess costume by adding a super-long wig and tower.
Princess Mirror
Little girls can make their very own double-sided mirror fit for a princess! Encrusted with craft jewels, this lovely mirror makes a great addition to anyone's royal collection.
Craft Foam Tiara
Your little princess will love making her very own tiara. Covered in jewels, this headwear is reserved for royalty!
Funny Monster Costume
Your child will get more giggles than screams with this silly monster costume -- and it's fun to make using things your family probably already has lying around the house!
Bunny Costume
Who doesn’t love a cuddly bunny rabbit? Your child will be adorable and snuggly warm in this easy-to-make bunny costume, using a pink sweat outfit and some white fur.


Revolutionary changes to the best sports game on the planet. FIFA 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new Player Impact Engine, a physics engine that delivers real-world physicality in every interaction. Gameplay innovations inspired by real-world football make FIFA 12 deeper and more engaging.

Formats: Xbox 360 (tested), PlayStation 3, PC
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Age rating: PEGI 3
Released: 30 September 2011
After playing FIFA 12 for an extended period of time, it begins to feel like a culmination of EA's recent refinement of its football series. Since 2008, FIFA 12  has improved in increments-- tweaking, polishing, never looking back but maybe playing a little safe.