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Aakash, cheapest tablet computer

When news of the Aakash Tablet first made headlines, it appeared to be no less than a myth. The device itself was not a question of debate; it was the cost of the computing device that raised many an eyebrow, within the country as well as overseas. The device was touted to be priced at around $35 and that appeared to be a fairy tale.

Aakash Tablet Price for Students – Expected to be Rs.1500-1750 (After Rs.750 subsidy by the government, only for students)
Aakash Tablet Price in Retail Market – Rs. 3000 (inclusive of all taxes)
Note: Aakash Tablet in the retail market is called as Datawind Ubislate and it will have added features when compared to the student’s version.
Cost Breakup
The Aakash Tablet is priced at an unbelievably affordable price, which is just Rs 2,276 when converted in to Indian money. The price is inclusive of all the taxes that are levied on such products by the Government of India. Though the Aakash Tablet exceeds the originally quoted price of $35, it is still priced low and within the means of the masses.
The device is the result of the arduous efforts by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development which decided on developing a computing device which could be used by students across the country. Their initiative paid dividends and the result is the world’s cheapest Tablet.
The breakdown price of the device is as follows –
  • Originally quoted price – $ 35
  • Cost of manufacturing the device – $ 37.98
  • Cost of warranty, transportation and miscellaneous costs $ 12
The total adds up to $ 49.98, which is the final cost of the computing device. The Government of India will provide subsidy to institutions which will enable them to distribute the computing device to the students at half the cost.
The computing device was designed and manufactured by DataWind, a British firm in alliance with IIT with the support of (NME-ICT) National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology that comes under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resources and Development.
DataWind is supplying the HRD ministry 100,000 tablets for only Rs 2,250 per component, and the price is inclusive of freight charges and taxes. Further, after the successful launching of the computing device in India, the (OLPC) One Laptop per Child chairman Mr. Nicholas Negroponte has extended an offer of giving India the access to all the OLPC technology free of cost for all future innovations and products
The computing device is compact and it is 25.5 cm long and 12.5 cm wide. The device has been examined by leading analyst and found to be working as good as any other computing device.
The specifications of Aakash Tablet are as under
  • Screen – 7” resistive
  • Operating System – Android 2.2
  • Processor  - 366 MHz in addition to Graphics Accelerator and HD Video Co-processor
  • Storage – 2GB Flash Memory with 2GB Micro SD card which is expandable up to 32GB
  • Memory -256 MB RAM
  • Network – Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Connectivity – 2 USB ports
  • Battery – 2100mAh
  • Web Browser – DataWind Accelerated Browser
  • Modem – Inbuilt cellular and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
To sum it up the configuration of Aakash is perfect for students. At the price at which it is being made available to students it will be possible for every student in India to own a computing device and become computer literate.

How to Buy Aakash Tablet?

Aakash Tablet is not yet sold to public or distributed to students. Circulation to students is expected in one or two months.
For students, it will be distributed through universities. So, get in touch with your university officials if you are keen to get it.
Students Version Price: Rs.1500-Rs.1750 (without SIM and GPRS facility)
Retail Price: Rs.3000 inclusive of taxes (With SIM and GPRS facility)

Specifications of Aakash Tablet – The Cheapest Tablet Yet

The Indian made Aakash LCAD Tablet was launched on 5th October 2011! It has been called ‘Aakash’ which literally translates to ‘Sky’. The tablet has basically been developed for students and keeping this in mind the price of the tablet has been kept affordable. The tablet was developed as an initiative by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development under Government of India. The basic version would cost a student only Rs 1,500 which is around $35. This is because of the subsidies that will be offered to students and institutions using the tablet. These would be available through government organizations to students and educational institutions. The commercial version which would have a few more features than the basic version would be marginally costlier. However, the Aakash LCAD Tablet still holds the distinction of being the world’s cheapest computing device.
When we talk of the specifications provided in the tablet experts feel that they are good but could have been better. The PC tablet is not meant for gaming purpose, it has in fact been developed especially for students, and it would be right to say it meets that purpose. To understand this we must first take a look at the general specifications of the tablet.
Specifications of Aakash LCAD Tablet –
  • Developed by – Datawind
  • Cost – Rs 2,276 (approximately $50) – Approximately Rs. 1500 for students
  • Size – 190.5×118.5×15.7mm
  • Screen size – 7” resistive
  • Weight – 350gms
  • Operating System – Android 2.2(Android Marketplace is missing, instead Getjar is installed)
  • Processor -366 MHz, plus Graphics Accelerator and HD Video Co-processor
  • Memory -256 MB RAM
  • Storage –2GB Micro SD card expandable up to 32GB
  • Connectivity – 2 USB ports (full sized)
  • Battery – 2100mAh
  • Camera – External USB
  • Network – Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Web Browser – DataWind Accelerated Browser
  • Modem – Inbuilt cellular and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
The number of computer users in the world has grown manifold. In India however the percentage is less. Majority of school children do not have access to a computer. This little device will enable all students to own a computer and it can aid in improving the educational levels especially in rural areas. The tablet is affordable and is developed for the masses, yet it has everything a tablet computer must be. The small size and light weight make it convenient to carry the device around and this is just the beginning of its advantages.
Advantages of the Tablet
  • It coalesces access to available data in one device
  • It provides different learning styles
  • Has inimitable capabilities
The one big advantage is the touch screen, which can be used to write notes directly on the tablet using the stylus. This is of immense help to students who can store the notes and access them later for reviewing and compiling the notes. The flat surface enables the tablet to be placed on a desk or any other working surface for easy use. Overall it is a good device with some incredible features and specifications

Aakash Tablet

The wait is finally over; India has launched the most economically priced computing device ever to be made. The Aakash Tablet as this device is known may have an astonishingly low price tag, but it is loaded with some incredible features that can match any other computing device.
Price Factor
The tablet is priced at a $50, which when converted in to Indian money amounts to just Rs. 2,276. However, for students the tablet is priced much cheaper at just Rs 1,500 which comes to just over $30. The tablet is the result of an initiative by the Government of India to make computers affordable and available to all its citizens, especially to the young student community.
Features of Aakash Tablet
The tablet is small and compact and its external dimensions are 190.5×118.5×15.7mm. At 350gms it is light weight and portable and can easily fit in to a school bag or handbag.
The fully loaded tablet has all the essentials required in a computing device. It is built using the latest technology and has a 7” resistive touch screen, with a picture resolution of 800×400 pixel. The tablet has 2 USB ports for connectivity. Since the model that has been launched is basic, it is only Wi-Fi enabled. The advanced models which will be launched at a later date are proposed to be Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled. They would be priced slightly higher because of these extra features, but would still be highly affordable.
Tablet Hardware
The tablet is backed by a 366MHz processor and a graphic accelerator. It also has a HD video processor that enables viewing better quality videos. The 256 MB RAM provides ample memory and for its size the storage capacity of the tablet is impressive. It has 2GB Flash memory in addition to a 2GB Micro SD card which can be expanded to 32 GB. This storage capacity is enough to store a lot of data
The battery of this device is powerful and is supposed to run for long when fully charged. The 2100Ah battery is capable of lasting 3 hours during normal use and up to a maximum of 2 hours when High Definition videos are played.
The AC adaptor for charging the battery is the standard 200-240 volts. Speakers and headphones can be used on the tablet with the 3.5mm audio out jack and a similar audio in jack that have been provided.
Software Installed in the Tablet
The operating system used in the tablet is Android 2.2.  The tablet supports various Document formats such as; DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT and OPD. It has a preinstalled PDF viewer and also has a Text editor. It is also pre-installed with Image Display and Multimedia. The image viewer supports the following picture formats – JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP.
The tablet also supports various audio formats such as the – WMA, MP3, AC3, AAC and WAV. It also supports MPEG4, MPEG2, FLV and AVI video formats.
Computers and internet have taken over the world. The low priced Aakash Tablet will help close the great divide between those who can afford a computer and those who cannot. With its low price the affordability factor is taken care of and the functionality of the device is at par with the other computers.

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