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Shah Rukh turns to promote 'RA.One'

New Delhi: Bollywood film production houses Adoption of innovative ways marketing of their films and To create a strong franchise about characters by the launch of games,novels and  merchandise items to woo fans. For example, come Diwali,Shahrukh Khan's fans will not only the mega-looking flick large screens, but they will also be able behave an action figure the superhero "G. A or games that the level of involvement in the front character. Similarly, iRock Productions working on a Abhay Deol starrer film 'Shaadi of the Dead, "which will set zombies in Indian films. It is a 76 page graphic novel this month release. The The film is expected later this years. "The whole idea is to create a large collection of goods,including comics,toys games, back at school items to the franchise building. Shah Rukh's character G. One of the film, "red chillies Entertainment, and digital New Media at the head Shailja Gupta told PTI. She has said red chillies has arrived licensingagreements with different companies for
the manufacturing products such as ipes,water bottles, Frisbees, clothing and caps. 'We have also rolled from a range of electronic items such ashandycams, netbooks and tablets, "Gupta said,nodisclosure of the investment made by the firm in these initiatives and the revenue objectives of the merchandise range. She has said that there are A major driving force for graphic novels. "We have a large plan to roll out a limited edition of physical copies of a graphic novel, "she added. As for 'Shaadi of the death ",the novel with the title "Zombie Talkies: Bloodfest in Bollywood "published be Delhi-based pop-Culture Publishing. "This is a pre-cursor to the film's release later this year "Culture Publishing Founder jatin Varma said. A host of Industry companies are considering similar projects in their films, he said. Excel Entertainment, which the production of hahRukh Khan starer Don 2, is also busy on a plan to roll out graphic novels for the film's marketing, according to people familiar with the development. Comments on trend,Pop culture's Publishing Varma said: "This is a very popular trend in the west to Starting to novels or the release of films ...It captures in India, too,and is an innovative marketing tool. "Asked the potential market size, he said, "This is a new trend since the The market is very small in the Currently, there is no syndicated numbers
available. "

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