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New Apple iPhone 4S: Full coverage on the latest smartphone

He added that the private sector was also interested in providing subsidy to help the government achieve the sub-$10 cost for the tablet. Aakash is the first government initiative in the crowded tablet market in India, with more than a dozen Indian and multinational tablet makers vying for a share of the three-lakh-units-a-year market. The world's cheapest tablet comes to India at a time  henApple's iPad holds more than half the market, followed by Samsung's Galaxy that has cornered roughly a quarter and the rest of the turf occupied by low-cost manufacturers. The $35- tablet is Wi-Fi enabled with a 7-inch touch screen and is based on Google's Android  2.2 operating system. It has an internal storage capacity of 2GB which can be increased to 32 GB
with an SD card, a battery backup of nearly three hours and two USB ports. Datawind, which makes the tablet in Hyderabad at 700 units a day, will begin selling the tablet commercially by end of November at Rs 2,999 with a year-long warranty, under the brand name of UbiSlate, the company's chief executive officer Suneet Singh Tuli said.UbiSlate will come with an inbuilt 2G SIM for web access, with an internet plan at .`99 per month, from an Indian mobile operator, which Datawind is finalising as of now.

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