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will UPA Govt survice ?

It took longer than expected. Yet, slowly but surely, we're getting there. Úpa The government seems to be on his deathbed. And this is exactly as projected expiring in April this year when it was written in these columns: "The established mafia gangs of New York was demolished when they fought each other, while police watched. Finally, the destroyers of India will be destroyed not only by the police or the courts. They will destroy themselves if they fight each other hand and tooth. " Media reports gave different versions about what leak that while the ministers of the Government of the Úpa Savage each other in a fight to the end. The Ministry of Finance has a secret note to the Prime Minister, under the supervision of Mr. P. Mukherjee nailed that Home Minister (HM) Chidambaram as an accomplice of jailed former Telecom Minister A Raja Mr. in determining the price of 2G spectrum licenses. The note was dated 27 March. It would have been around the time when the Interior Ministry was bugging the office of the Finance Minister (FM). Who leaked the letter

The Finance Ministry sources told a newspaper said the note was prepared by the Cabinet Secretary. By implication, the PMO leaked the letter. Mr. Chidambaram blow a fuse demands for his resignation mounted. He calls the PM in America to ask why he had not been informed of the note. First hour urged him to hold fire until he returned to India. Mr. Chidambaram declared ominously that he would not make any statement to the AM and FM from the U.S. returned. The implicit threat worked. After hours, it was the turn of FM to contact Mr Chidambaram of the U.S. for its mixed feelings soothed. It also found that Raja Chidambaram and their joint decision on the pricing cleaned PM.The debt could reach the very top. The PM has an extraordinary statement by the U.S. for its confidence in Mr. Chidambaram to speak while both Finance Minister and later the Home Minister.
It is safe to assume that after tapping the FM and the PM consulting for the pricing of Mr Chidambaram, the AM and FM embarrassment when he started screaming. This is why the nervous calls from the U.S.. It is quite possible that the two top leaders of the return home Úpa differences will be ironed. But after using? It is the courts tend to con with. There is a potentially fatal cases are waiting for the judge. How long can a corrupt government is already in prison with a former cabinet minister delayed the Day of Judgement? The ministers are busy trying to prove that they have no knowledge of what was Raja.Do not they heard of the old convention of ministers accepting responsibility for constructive ends? Instead of wasting time trying to prove his ignorance, and therefore his abysmal incompetence as PM, to Drs. Manmohan Singh had resigned the day the 2G corruption proved. Now the best thing he can do is constructive responsibility and resign. He must be a mid-term election order and seeking a new mandate from the people. It would be better if in shame in progress and plunging the nation further into the depths of corruption, while the world watches in wonder.


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