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Poverty increased in India

top of the galloping inflation, even food prices rising unprecedented height, the government thought it fit the already high prices of petrol and diesel to walk. This was done before the elections in several countries. Why the government deliberately committing Hara-Kiri? Or are there elements in the ruling party who want their government to destroy? Or is there instead corrupt elements raking in maximum prey while in the power of faith that they will never choose? The people can not be blamed for indulging in such wild speculation. The energy price increase not only political sense. In terms of gasoline prices on the purchasing power of India has the largest retail price in the world. One of the major powers China has the highest gasoline prices. 

India now boasts more than two and a half times the fuel price in China! Government officials and advocates to defend the hike by pointing out that economic compulsions cry for more revenue. Is there no other ways to increase revenue in an administration with conspicuous consumption smelly and shameless waste? Are there any opportunities to extract income from the rich to make them tighten their belts? It is not socialist ranting. This is a wake up call for the government to ground realities to be recognized. Even the middle class to complain about the unacceptable rates his daily bread limited. It just can not the two ends meet. So the middle class complain. What about the very poor, especially the rural poor who lack even the luxury to have their complaints heard. What can they do? Politics is about empathy. Have we ever worthy ministers try to sense that the poor must feel?Even the mainstream media attempt to empathize with their situation? "One would like a recent incident in Maharashtra remembers the desperate situation of poor households. Recently, the Maharashtra government broke the tradition to make appointments to Class IV posts. The forest department has recently announced 1175 waiting jobs open for recruitment in Maharashtra Forest department. More than one hundred times the number of applicants responded! The physical criteria for the work of a 25-km run for men and a 14-km run for women. Of the 9,500 aspirants for only 85 posts have applied a lot during the initial collapse. Eight were hospitalized. A 23-year-old died in the attempt. Incidents of candidates collapsing is also reported from other cities. What level of desperation must be compelled to run the applicants themselves literally to the ground, even to death, just a job?This is not a class of people whose complaints will be heard by the Authority.Also they have the means to organize violent protests. Ah, but not Mao!Home Minister Chidambaram described the Maoists as the biggest security threat to the nation. Given official insensitivity to the rise of Maoisme surprise? What is government doing about that? The improvement of the police is not enough. The government must start empathizing with the poor.For a start it should start with the recognition of the fact that the price increase really means in the daily life of a poor family. Otherwise the government will not just commit suicide. This will be the future of democracy in India hazard.

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