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Most abdominal tighteners use in different types of exercises are borrowed from yoga. But in yoga is a discouragement to the development of a six-pack for a tautness implies a bad breath because of the unnatural pressure on the major respiratory muscle called diaphragm. Internationally, the anorexic supermodels with a boyishly flat stomach flutter done the unthinkable: They were the last pair of ribs removed washboard abs to get!In yoga, is such a drastic interference deemed unnecessary when you are intense and well-designed asanas supplemented by regular Pranayam (breathing practice), which includes breath retention and bandhas (energy locks). Then you too can boast of Yoga without ABS to use the famine or surgery.
Lifestyle plays a major role in man's winning or losing weight. Fighting weight has a lot to do with your state of mind and habits. Here are some Yogic lifestyle suggestions you have to use your yoga regimen a boost. Manage your stressEven thin people chronic worriers, tend to lard at the waist. This is because the stress hormone cortisol affects the Lipolytic and lipogenic enzymes. It controls the flow of the fat in and out of cells where it is stored, so the body weight. Control your stress level through meditation, belly breathing, relaxation pranayamor continue breathing practices ujjayi, soothing forward bending (both standing and sitting).

Only crunches will not helpSpot reduction does not really work because the entire body needs to work for that perfect waist-hip ratio. Combine an effective exercise program, at least for 45 minutes, five days a week with diet control.
Reduce alcohol intakeApart from making you gorge on greasy stuff in the drink, alcohol seems to affect the brain's full signal, indicating when you have eaten your fill, and tampering with detoxifying organs like the liver involved with fat storage."One must asanas (see box) to follow the flab that rests on your abs to battle.
Naukasana (Boat pose)Instructions:Sit upright with his hands on either side of the body.Inhale as you lift legs. Move hands on both sides of the knees.Hold the pose, breathing normally as long as you can.To return to the starting pose, gently lower legs on the floor as you exhale.In a few weeks to build stamina in the final pose so you can keep it for a minute or more. In a few months, you should learn to keep it for three minutes or more for a proper impact.Avoid: "If you're serious lower back pain.
Benefits: This is a cellulite fighter. Tones the abdomen, thighs and forces the abdominal muscles. Increase metabolism, assisting weight loss due to the pressure on the stomach and liver.
Naukasana (the grating version)It is easier for beginners. Those with an advanced practice can hold hands on the side or keep them locked behind the head.
Instructions:Get in the boat pose because of the above instructions.Breathe. If you testify, knees move closer to the chest, hands, use your knees to embrace. From this position handle moves back into the boat again pose, inhale. This is one round.This should be done in a dynamic manner, constantly flowing from the beginning boat pose variation in the crunch.Note: It is easier after mastering the first open version. The lower you drop your body back in the boat pose, the greater the effort of the abdominal muscles and the greater the impact.
Avoid: If you suffer from severe lower back pain.
Advantages: It is a powerful Ab Crunch, and all of the above benefits in a higher grade.
Viparitakarani mudra (Psychic Union holds crunchy version)
Instructions:Lie on your back.Fold legs at the knees, so that at a right angle to the ground.Breathe. While exhaling, raise the head and neck.Simultaneously raise hands, put it next to the knees.Hold the pose breathe normally.Breathe, relax back to the starting position.Learn to keep the final longer pose a greater impact to enjoy. It should be taught in a graded manner over a few weeks.Note: Do not exercise too much. Let the neck muscles strengthened by the introduction of these more than a few weeks.
Avoid: If you face neck problems.
Advantages: A powerful Ab Crunch. Increase metabolism, assisting weight loss. Tones the spine.
Dwipada uttanasana (Double leg drop)
Instructions:Lie on the floor, hands on the side of fingers attached to the back of the head to keep.Inhale, raise both legs at 90 ° torso.Continue to breathe slowly as you lower both legs. If you slack stomach muscles, it can be excruciating. So, as a beginner it is better to do quickly, increase stamina in a few days.You can also place hands, palms down under your hips to the tribe of the lower back to take off.Benefits: This is one of the best abdominal hold button control. It also improves mood, in most diseases, including circulatory problems (improves skin) therapy, varicose veins removed, tougher meat around the hips and thighs.


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