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Business: The Razor Scooter - The Smashing Success Story

Taking Over a Neighborhood Like Yours

When speaking of success stories in the post millennium era, not many people bring up the now legendary Razor Scooter company. Who doesn't know what a "Razor" is? It seemed as though every child in suburban America had one. How did this happen? First, let us take a look at the beginning.
The Birth -
Based in Cerritos, California, Razor has unique Cali-styled influence. This location had a profound effect on its scooters. The Razor has roots in everything from BMX to Skateboarding, and even surfing. They come onto the scene in 2000 and introduced the Razor A kick scooter right at the induction of their company. Initially, the success of the company was unexpected and rather overwhelming, selling out all over the country.
Continued Innovation -
A successful company today reads their customer base, and predicts the needs that will come. A truly successful company creates the need. This sums up exactly what Razor did in the scooter industry. The company has since moved past the Razor A, to provide a multitude of products all over the world. They have also branched out past traditional push/sport scooters, into electric.
Quality Standard -
Razor prides itself on providing the very best riding experience. "The company combines cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and strict safety standards to deliver a product that is designed to suit riders’ evolving lifestyle." Part of what sets them aside from competition, is the price for the quality;cheap razor scooters are only cheap by price. Why else do you think all of us have stuck around!
What is new for Razor? -
This year, they have introduced new Razor Scooters with creative add-ons. One of the additions to the line up is the Razor Spark. This scooter has a "Spark Bar" on the back, behind the wheel, that when you push down, the sparks fly! A special Razor Spark cartridge creates the sparks and lights up the night.

Another addition to the team of scooters, are the Razor Graffiti Scooters. This have the same principle as the Spark, but have chalk in the back. You simply press down on the Chalk Bar, and apply your colors to the pavement.

The Razor Way -
What ever the future may hold, Razor will still be a household name. Sticking to these principles they have proved their success and insured it for the future. 
'It’s not how you ride, but how the ride makes you feel.'

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