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Commentary Levels on Hubpages: What do They Mean?

What is the Difference Between Level I and Level VII?

Hubpages has just rolled out a new feature. Now on every comment made by a hubber on a hub, the commentator level of that hubber is visible for all to see. The only way to avoid this is if a hubber has hidden his or her accolades. There is a further change. Comments of people with level VII or VIII are shown in yellow, suggesting that those are somehow better than others with lower scores. There is a glitch in the colour system so that the colours don't show up sometimes. However, this is a permanent change.
I don't know *why* these changes were made, nor is this article looking at potential reasons or suggesting whether these help or hinder anyone. This hub was inspired by comments in the forum that suggest that people don't know what the level number means and wanting to assure people that a higher level is not *more meaningful* or *more valuable* than a lower level.

What is this accolade anyway in reference to a hubber's commentary?
There is a definition of all of the accolades in the FAQ section of The Learning Center. However, in defining the accolade, there is no reference to how you are determined to move up the ladder from level I to Level VIII. Many people have never paid attention to the commentary level of other hubbers in comparison to others, if at all, before this change. Some people have never paid attention to their own commentator level either. Now that there is this new feature, there is a discussion in forums and heightened interest on the level one hubber has compared to another. Some people are very upset about everyone seeing they are level II in their comments,for example, while others are higher. They might be thinking that level II commentators are rated as leaving less meaningful or insightful comments than a level V commentator.
As someone who has been here just short of three months and thus has only ever known accolades existing that long-time hubbers never had on their profiles, may I share my estimation of this commentator accolade?
I try to leave only meaningful comments on hubs if I comment at all. Sometimes I know nothing of a subject and therefore can't say anything beyond "I have never heard of this product before" but want to leave a comment because the hubber is new to the site and I want to encourage new members. This is true of *lots* of hubbers, no matter how often they leave comments. As a couple of weeks went by since I started at this site, my Level I accolade appeared. As I kept up a high frequency level of leaving meaningful comments, my number gradually rose to level VII-where I am now. I am not leaving better comments than I did before:
*I am leaving comments more often than I did before.*

Frequency of Meaningful Comments
There are two factors that work together that decide what level of commentator any hubber is. They are: how meaningful are the comments; and how often do people leave comments that are meaningful? I don't know how often you have to leave meaningful comments to move from level III to IV, but a newcomer has to start at level I. Therefore,people who have only been here two weeks, for example, haven't had time to move up even if they spend their whole evening commenting on hubs.
So why am I at level VII compared to some other hubbers who leave comments just as meaningful as mine? Quite simply, I spend more time on Hubpages reading hubs and leaving comments than others. For what ever reason, I have more time to do this than others. I do not work a full time job outside home where I am I not allowed to be on the computer for personal use. I do not have children to raise and take up my attention-although I am constantly reminded by my cat that I do indeed spend too much time on the computer-I should be gazing at her. I do not have to share my computer time with someone else. The reasons why I can spend more time reading and commenting on hubs compared to others might be endless. None of these reasons have anything to do with my ability or willingness to write meaningful comments.

In Conclusion:
Remember that you can always hide your accolades so that only you can see them. That way no one can read on your comments what level you are. Ultimately, I expect many people to do this or stop leaving comments. Whatever you decide to do, please never suggest to yourself or others that you do not leave meaningful comments because your are a level I commenter. All this means is that you have a busy life, and Hubpages only takes up part of your day.

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