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Sanitizer Success

Today I use Assured. Its aroma, vitamin E and Aloe are simply pleasing. But not all my days were so great, read my story.
I began hand manufacturing years ago. One thing I didn't want was a customer smelling my products or seeing very dual items. Water washing simply destroyed my skin after so much. It was suggested that I use sanitizer. I thought all were a like, clear pump or squeeze out and rub together. Wow was I surprised at the affects of smell. I had a total of 5 different tubes and bottles in my home. Soon enough I discovered some were so strong I smelt the bottle a room away.
I will use it when I am simply at work serving products. There are other pleasing or tolerable sanitize out there for public use and I like to believe that our public restroom suppliers are just as considerate as Assured has been at creating a product that truly works.
Please leave me comments about a product you use privately or institutional size products. I will always be interested in products that clean well. My customers demand the same respect.

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