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Questions of a fool in love

Is there really a point to it all anymore,
the way life seems to fade away inside.
Do you feel each breath I send you,
brushing across your beautiful face.
Can you taste my essence on your body,
after you wake up from a dream.
In all that is lovely to your eyes,
am I still what you see?

Do you look to the stars not shinning,
and wonder if I see the same.
Can you find it in your heart,
to remember my name tomorrow.
Do you feel what it is I desire,
each time you close your eyes.
There is a sight for a sore heart,
do you feel my love for you?

When I cry do you know my pain?
When I laugh do you feel my heart?
As lights go out will you hold me?
As lights come on will you still be there?
Will you take my hand for more than just a day?
Will you understand what is so misunderstood in me?
Do you see past my eyes to find my heart so warm?
Do you realize when I dream, I dream with you?

So many thoughts to find,
so many ways to describe,
what I feel for you,
what I see in your eyes.
I keep looking for a word,
I keep dreaming of stronger love.
You are my haven to love,
you are my dream tonight

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