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Creating Referral Links For Your Hubs

To those of us who have created a few hubs but still feel like novices, one of the challenging things about writing on HubPages is finding a clear process on How to create and add a referral tracker.
This hub will try to explain in straight forward, non-technical terms how to find and use referral trackers and why you'll want to.
Feedback and helpful hints on improving this hub can be left in the comments section and are very much appreciated.

Trackers for New Users that you Bring to Hub Pages

Q. Why would you want to refer New Users to HubPages?
A. When Hubbers send out a link to one of their hubs it's important to add a referral tracker to get credit for bringing a new user to the site. If that New User signs up with HubPages (within 30 days) you will earn a portion of the revenue share from HubPages. It doesn't take away from the money the new Hubber will earn, it comes out of HubPages' pocket.

Finding Your Default Referral Tracking Code

Here is how to find the default trackercode which was automatically created for you when you signed up:
Open a new window so you can see these instructions and perform them on your hub by toggling back and forth between windows.
  1. Sign in to HubPages.
  2. Go to the "my account" tab at the top of the page. Select My Account.
    1. Just below where it says "Follow HubPages on Twitter" are choices: Hubs, Profile, Earnings, Photos and Activity.
    2. Choose the category Earnings which then gives you several choices, Affiliate Settings, Referral Trackers, HubPages Ad Program, Payment History, Payment Settings, etc..
    3. Choose Referral Trackers. At the bottom of that page, you can create your own referral tracker or just use the one that is called the default referral tracker and is ready to use. My default referral tracker is 1lvmratkz5gih which makes no sense whatsoever but it works. This is also called the Tracking Token and it will tie new sign-ups to your account.

      Adding Your Referral Tracker to an email

      Using the scroll bar at the right of the screen, scroll down to the very bottom of this page where you will see these choices:
      HubPages about us learningcenter blog affiliates advertise LINK TO THIS PAGE copyright
      At the bottom of most Hub pages you will see the text link to this page. If you want to share that hub page with someone via email click on link to this page. A rectangular box comes up that allows you to use your default tracker or one you create of your own. When you select the default tracker it is plugged into an http address that automatically is highlighted. Copy the highlighted link (CTRL + C) and Paste (CTRL + V) it into the email text you want to send to a friend.
      When your friend clicks on the link it will take them to the hub you want to share. If they decide to sign up it tracks back to you. That is a referral tracker.

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