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Rant – To speak or declaim extravagantly: talk in a wild or vehemently way.
Yep, that’s me. I’ll never make it as a writer because I’m not mad.I’m pissed. Good writers don’t get pissed, they get extremely angry .I’m pissed.I’m pissed because me and everyone else gives the loons who are running this country and the ones competing to run this country way too much credit. I’ve always said they were stupid, but it’s worse than stupid. They are freaking brain dead.
Don’t answer that.I’m the one ranting. I’ll tell you who won the debate; Barack Obama won hands down last night. Nute Gingrich came in a strong second.
I used to be a Rick Perry fan. He was my governor in Texas and while there were things I disagreed with him on, (quite a few) over all he showed himself to be a good leader, and I felt he would make a decent president. I felt like he was, as I’ve described, an “Obama Beater.” The Man with No Pantsadmits it when he’s wrong. I get it right most of the time, but I missed it here. I don’t know who this other guy calling himself Rick Perry is All I know is I feel like taking a shower every time he opens his mouth these days. I’m disappointed in him to say the least. Last night’s debate took me back to a third grade playground scene. Sorta like this ..
(Rick Perry to Mitt Romney) “Your stupid and your mother dresses you funny.”

(Mitt Romney to Rick Perry) “Nuh uhh .. YOU”RE stupid, and you don’t have a mother!”
(Perry to Romney) "I do so have a mother.” “You just .. (long eerie pause) .. can’t see her cause your mothers so fat ..(another long eerie pause) .. she .. uuh, blocks her out.”

These two freaks are suppose to be the cream of the Republican crop, and Obama’s sitting in the Oval office, feet on the Resolute desk, with his two billion in the bank, laughing his ass off watching the debate. I can only imagine the jokes that'll be coming from David "The Leftie" Letterman on tonight's show. Last night's debate gave him enough material to last a year. The Democratic party has new life pumped into it thanks to these two clowns. Rick Perry showed no class in the way blindsided Romney. That’s coming from me, a Perry fan folks. Then Romney lost his cool, started stuttering, and got right down in the mud with his arched rival. That dudes so stiff, I thought he might break. Now here are the rules of the debate. A person gets asked a question. If he calls someone out, that person gets 30 seconds to respond, enabling two clowns to dominate the debate. A huge part of this debate was dedicated to covering these two candidate’s personal vendettas against one another over immigration. Immigration is a major problem. I live in southern Arizona, and I know. But it’s one of a half dozen serious problems facing this country, and I want to hear every candidate and their ideas on all the issues, not Mitt Romney and Rick Perry throwing the same old barbs they’ve been throwing at one another throughout the debates. Don’t waste my time! Number one is the economy. I want to hear some serious ABC’s from these candidates on this matter. If you really know how to fix the economy, you don’t need to use the word Obama more than once in your discussion. We know he sucks. We don’t need you to tell us that. We need someone who can take Obama out, then perform like a mother-. We need you to tell us exactly how you are going to fix this country. This isn’t a dictatorship. You've got to get this stuff through congress. But no, you’ll tell me ..“ If I’m elected, I’ll do this, and I’ll do that.” Listen up. I’m not stupid. I’m educated and I’m doing politics now. I expect you to do what you what you say you’re going to do. Things are serious now. I don't care who's got the cool hair and catchy phrases. Screw that. I want some meat boys and girl. Now try telling me this .. “This is what needs to be done Mr. Tax Payer. I can’t do it myself though. If you elect me, I’ll expect you to stand beside me. With you beside me, I’ll get this through congress and into action. Without you, I’m just another politician making a promise I can’t keep, because turning this country around will take a team effort America. Together we can do this.” The truth .. How I love the truth.
That's it folks. I feel better now, but don't blow this stuff off. We have to demand more from all our managers. If we want to be excellent, we have to demand excellence. Don't get hung up on these campaign gimmicks. 999, The Fair Tax, Flat tax, and all that is cool, but trust me or ask any expert .. There are still a lot of holes in em all. They are the way of the future once the holes are fixed, but this is years away. I wish it weren't so, but it is. Don't get hung up on this shinny stuff. Let's get air tight ideas on lifting regulations and reworking foreign trade deals. Let's get some written promises on balancing the budget. Let's take a look at the fourteenth amendment. Let's hear some real talk about Iran. These are things we can begin controlling now. Now lets put their feet in the fire and get this thing turned around..

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