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We All Have Dreams When We Are Young

To be the smartest kid on the block,
Having a car that never lets you down.
Or to be the richest boy on the street,
Or dream to be the prettiest girl in town.
We have all had our precious dreams
They vanish like fog in the morning sun,
When we get older we find to our dismay
We find That life is neither dreams or fun.
We don't have to be smart for Jesus Love,
And Jesus  Love will never let you down.
Money will not buy happiness of God's Love,
And beauty cannot  ever buy  you a crown.
We all have  dreams  do they matter at  all
When our death is just a breath or two away?
We'd give every dream that we had ever had
Just for the power of a saint of God to pray.
But must we wait till death ends all dreams
That we have carried around in our heart,
Hand all  our dreams to Jesus at the alter.
He gives new dreams and a brand new start.!


We wouldn't nor should we carry those old
dreams all of our life, that  was all right
when we were in our youth but God had
bigger and better plans for you ,but as
long as you carried all of those old 
dreams you could not fit into the new
plans that He had for you  If God has
plans and you would refuse He would
pass them to the next in line. You have
a free will and the choice is up to you
God and His plan will not suffer, You
will be the loser, Think about it!

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